A Train Ride with Dolores Huerta 

 The first Latina ever inducted into the National  Women's Hall of Fame in 1993 and an advocate 

 for women's, worker's and immigrants' rights. 

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La Raza Historical Society

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La Raza Historical Society is an avenue for the

preservation of social, business, political, 

and civil rights contributions of La Raza 

community from the mid 1800s to present.

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in San Jose, California 1940s to the present.

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Downtown San Jose

Mexican Historic Sites Tour

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Upcoming Event

Thurs, September 10, 2020

Suffrage, Sufrimiento, y Corazon: A Chicana Tea Talk On Our Legacy of Suffrage & Local Activism


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Watch now! Our history, like the pyramids of Mesoamerica, is built upon layers. Each generation influenced by the one that preceded it.


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Visit Us: History Park, 635 Phelan Ave., San José, CA 95112

Mail Us: 1650 Senter Road, San José, CA 95112